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Alastor's Homepage

Alastor is a 1973 Nicholson 32 Mk X; Specifications, Origin of Alastor's name

Casting a new zinc anode
1986 cruise to Desolation Sound
1992 cruise to San Juan Islands
1994 Fun with Anchors
Liferaft Trial- August 1999
Summer 2001 - Man overboard drill, engine head replacement
Summer 2003 - Trip to Bamfield
Summer 2004 - Hornby, Savary and Desolation Sound
Summer 2005 - Bamfield, Tofino, Hot Springs Cove
Summer 2008 - Tseum Harbour, motorcycle
Summer 2009 - Savary Island, Cortes, Denman, Hornby
Summer 2011 - Proofs of Principle
Summer 2012 - Whales and Bears
Spring 2015 - Losing the Cat
Summer 2015 - Unfouling the Anchor
Autumn 2017 - Calling a PAN-PAN
2018 - Repairing the rudder
2018-2019 - Setting and losing a mooring
2021 - Going electric
2023 - Upgrading the windlass

2012 - replacing the main track support, cockpit seats (locker covers)
MOB drill on - near Savary Island

Member of the Nicholson 32 Association

Holding tank schematic, location sketch, photos: tank, valves, vent
Nicholson 32 Hull simulation


The sealion images are grabbed from the same video as the AVI files. Larger JPEGs converted from PhotoCD: More Images - scanned 35mm prints (50% JPEG)

Video Clips

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